The Old Shop and Gallery Ribarhús in Fuglafjordur


Centrally in Fuglafjordur, by the main road, you will find a charming, historical building from 1887. It may not appear great from the outside, but inside – between the old beams and boards – it is full of life and creativity all year long.

These charming buildings are home to Fuglafjordur’s Arts and Crafts Association and the various activities arranged by them. Originally it was the main store of the area with a connected warehouse storing goods from the big world – and next to the shop, a once important pier, called Piddasabrúgv.

The activity of this place is divided into separated areas, connected by narrow, low doors and creaky old staircases, with several inspiring seating areas where you can take in the creative surroundings.

If you enter through the red door, you step into Piddasahandil, or the Old Shop – a unique two-storey shop bursting with handmade handicrafts and knitwear, posters, cards and souvenirs, sold by the members of the association. There is also a selection of yarn, Faroese CDs and books.

While you visit the shop, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the cosy coffee-corner, where there is free Wi-Fi. The shop accepts Danish Kroner and most credit cards, the prices are reasonable, and it is already tax-free.

If you enter though the blue door, you enter Gallery Ribarhús. In former times, this was the warehouse, full of sacks and boxes with necessities as well as exotic goods, but today it is dedicated to the Art Association. Since 2001 these walls have accommodated about 200 exhibitions by well-known and lesser-known Faroese and visiting artists and other creative people. In addition, several concerts, lectures and creative classes are also held here throughout the year.

While you walk around in the gallery, notice the floorboards! They have been salvaged from the old school from 1938 which was taken down in 2017 to make room for a new school. If only the old floorboards could talk…!

The attic of the gallery building has been turned into a functional, creative loft which is used for various activities, e.g. courses, lectures, get-togethers and creative activities. The gallery section is also rented for different events.

As the shop and gallery are run on a voluntary basis, they are usually only open in the afternoon, Mon-Fri 3pm-5.30pm and Sat 11am-2pm. But in the summer months it is usually open longer, so check the opening hours at www.ribarhus.fo

We are on Facebook at /Piddasahandil-og-Ribarhús-í-Fuglafirði and on Instagram as ribarhus. Or see what others have seen here at #ribarhús or #piddasahandil.